la serie red werewold hunter

la serie red werewold hunter

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The modern-day descendant of Little Red Riding Hood brings her fiancé home . created by Felicia Day, the force behind the blockbuster web series The Guild. Red: Werewolf Hunter is a 2010 television horror film, loosely based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It is a Syfy television film, produced by Toronto-based . A broken truce leads to the threat of all out war between werewolves and humans unless a modern-day descendent of Little Red Riding Hood . Red: Werewolf Hunter: Felicia Day, Kavan Smith, Stephen McHattie, . elements here to create hope that the plans for a series come to fruition. It is now up to Red to prevent a full-fledged werewolf takeover. . That they thought to turn this into a TV series is more than a little puzzling. That they obviously . Red: Werewolf Hunter est un film (1h 28min) de Sheldon Wilson avec Felicia Day, . Netflix annonce une série dérivée du film Braqueurs de Julien Leclercq. Casting et infos sur l'équipe qui a participé à l'élaboration du film Red : Werewolf Hunter (2010) de Sheldon Wilson. Red: Werewolf Hunter airs tonight, October 30th, at 9pm on SyFy. . her increasingly well-known World of Warcraft-based web series The Guild, .


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